Disable auto scroll to input focus when changing tabs

I'm using LINQPad to generate reports so I could analyze and take action on the data. Often I would have to jump between different scripts to compare and/or look up additional data while I do my analysis. I wrote the scripts so they utilize different LINQPad controls to make refreshing data or performing other actions as I view them.

However I noticed that I have to constantly scroll back to where I was previously before I changed tabs. Then I realized that LINQPad is focusing on the first input item on the page (be that a button, text box, or whatever). I don't want it to scroll off like that, I want to stay where I was.

Can this behavior be removed?


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    Can you provide a repro? I can't reproduce it with the following:

    for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++)
    new TextBox().Dump();
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    I'll try to reproduce with another example. The objects are actually complex objects that has a custom ToDump() method defined which dumps a mini UI of stuff.

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    Hmm, I can't reproduce it anymore. I had a session open for a long while (at least a couple of days) and I closed and reopened linqpad. The same scripts didn't cause it to happen again. I'll report back if it happens again. I don't think there was anything inherently in my scripts that would have caused it necessarily. Just analyzing video files and categorizing them and whatnot.

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    This is still occurring but I can't come up with a reproduction that I could share. It's processing files on disk and generating a UI to manipulate it utilizing ToDump and dump containers to be interactive.

    In the meantime, I could add some observations with this bug, it only seems to happen when changing tabs by clicking on them on top. Using Ctrl+Tab to change tabs does not trigger the scroll/focus change. I do inject some tweaked scripts to the results page but none that should cause this.

    https://share.linqpad.net/4uuxqos8.linq (doesn't repro but structurally similar to the script that does)

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    edited May 20

    Just FYI, your script does show the issue for me but only if I hide the editor.

    Which means the following also shows the issue

    Util.AutoScrollResults = true;
    var query =
        from i in Enumerable.Range(0, 50)
        select new DumpContainer(new Button("Refresh"));
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    Got it. It seems that the browser automatically scrolls in this situation in order to accept focus. I'll add scroll position restoration logic to the next build.

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