Diffplex and the difference between dumping a Wpf control and using PanelManager.DisplayWpfElement

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I notice that LinqPad lists Diffplex as one of the libraries it uses and was wondering if you have any idea about an issue dumping its wpf viewer control where the scroll bar does not work correctly whereas using PanelManager.DisplayWpfElement works correctly. (I have previously thought that dumping a wpf element was the same as calling PanelManager.DisplayWpfElement ).

Example query https://share.linqpad.net/8l78s3i6.linq


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    Unless the control is a DockPanel or Canvas, calling Dump on a WPF control is equivalent to calling PanelManager.StackWpfElement rather than DisplayWpfElement. StackWpfElement adds the element to a vertical StackPanel, so you can display multiple controls (rather like with the HTML-based dump), whereas with DisplayWpfElement, the control occupies the entire area.

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