Understanding benchmark results

edited July 4

What do the following columns mean (they are not listed in the full benchmark log legend)?

  • Range
  • Operations

Are bigger numbers good or bad?

P.S. Link for columns descriptions would be appreciated. If there is one, it can be added to the benchmark summary links.


  • Options

    The range is (max - min) / mean. A bigger range means less consistency between test results - you can see this visually by the size of the red line in relation to the blue bar (which shows the mean). A high range can be caused by other concurrent activity on the machine, or code that doesn't always take the same time to run. Operations is the total number of times your code was called. You can see more by looking in the BenchmarkDotNet query - everything is generated by this query. You can even edit that query to customize the output or benchmarking behavior.

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