Command-line interface in LINQPad 4.47

I just installed the new 4.47 LINQPad on my machine, and am very pleased to see the command-line option being present in this version!

For those who didn't do it yet: download the 4.47 version from the beta section and extract lprun.exe to the same directory as LINQPad.exe. To use lprun.exe from any Command Prompt or PowerShell console on your machine, add the path where you execute LINQPad from to your system path (I use "C:\Program Files\LINQPad\") as follows:

Right click 'Computer', then click 'Properties', 'Advanced system settings'. Click 'Environment Variables'. Look for the variable Path in the System variables section, select it, and click the Edit button. Add the above mention path to the Variable value (overly concerned warning: do not remove the current value, use the arrow-right key to move to the end and dehilight the current selection and use a semi-colon to separate the current value from your LINQPad path) and click OK.

When you open a new command prompt or PowerShell console window, you can now run lprun whenever you want! It opens up new ways of interacting with your system, and even with PowerShell. Joe, thanks a lot!


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