Anonymous type values in grid view

I would like to create a csv file and used an ArrayList of anonymous types to get the best results.
Dumping the results works fine in the Rich Text view but when I switch to grid view (to see past a 1000 results) then I see one column named "Value" and each row in an "Anonymous" link to the real values. What happened to the real data that shows fine in the Rich Text view?


  • I was pretty sure LINQPad beta had a DumpCsv() method. But now I can't find it.
    You can set the max number of lines in edit->preferences.
  • It seems as the maximum maximum is 10000 lines.
    And I've noticed that the resolving of anonymous types in grid view stops somewhere above 540000 lines.

    I know that it would be much better to generate this right into csv but I was too lazy to look up the right method. :) Now it seems I'll really have to resort to the proper solution.
  • Use Util.WriteCsv:

    Util.WriteCsv (myData, @"c:\temp\foo.csv");
  • Excellent, my last problem was that I used ArrayList with anonymous types out of laziness, but I converted it to List with ExpandoObjects inside that I cast into anonymous types with a select for the WriteCsv to work. This way I can keep the script as C# statements as I don't have to define a struct. (having said that I could have used tuples but this is much nicer as it has property names)

  • Great. Regarding the incorrect rendering of an ArrayList of anonymous types, I cannot reproduce this. The following renders fine for me in both rich text and data grids mode:
    new ArrayList (new[] 
    	new { X = 1, Y = 2 },
    	new { X = 1, Y = 2 }
  • edited August 2013
    As I said it only happens with very large lists. Try this:
    var list = new ArrayList();
    for (int i = 0; i < 600000; i++)
      list.Add( new { X=1, Y=2});
    It does work with 500000 but not with 600000 (in data grid mode).
    I of course realise that it was probably not meant for this...
  • FYI, I've fixed the latest beta so you'll always get proper columns in grid mode, regardless of result set size.
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