Randomly losing autocompletion

edited November 2013
I'm a happy user of Linqad. I have also purchased a premium license. Unfortubnately, i randomly loose the crucial autocompletion feature. At the same time, i see that the message "Licensed to ..." has gone away despite having registered the product.

Has anyone experienced this before or i'm i just unlucky? Any suggestion regarding an eventual solution?



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    I've experienced this issue too. It seems to happen most when I'm running threaded scripts and hitting Crtl + Shift + F5 a bunch to unload the app domain.
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    Th "licensed to..." message will go away if several tabs are open and there's not enough room to display it.

    Autocompletion will continue to work, though.

    Are you sure autocompletion stops working? And does the problem occur after LINQPad has been running for a while, or when you first start it?
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    Yes, i'm sure that it does stop working. The next time this happen i will take a screen to shows that it is not because of syntax error in my scripts as is the normal case. By the way,i have also seen this problem in vs 2012 and did verified that it was not only me seeing things this by calling a colleague to verify it.

    But, fortunately, this is not a "show stopper". Since this is a great tool i start writing my class libraries here and move them to visual studio later. I would say it only happens once in a while and my laptop rarely gets a " shut down". So memory might be the issue.

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    There are some cases where autocompletion is not as robust as that of visual studio.
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    I find I lose auto-completion in many of the same instances visual studio loses it.

    But, one place I'd like to see code completion is with attributes. I do quite a bit of hand-coded DataContexts with [Table()] and [Column()] attributes. It works much better in Visual Studio.

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