How much different would things be if I move "up" to Entity Frameworks from Linq-SQL?

I can't find a compelling reason to move to EF. Some background....

1. I hand code my Data Contexts. I like the simplicity and control of the way it's done.
2. In some applications, I create an XmlMapping at runtime, because, the application is for
a very "data-driven" system. The physical and abstract model can change between requests.
3. We've written a scripting engine that works not unlike LINQPAD. Runtime compiling by surrounding the script with a DataContext code-generated on-the-fly.
4. I've gotten over the learning-curve with complex queries.
5. I have no immediate need for anything other than SQL Server, though, Mysql wouldn't be bad. I tried an EF MySql driver and some very basic join/group queries wouldn't run.



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