Lots of ThreadAbortedExceptions in the dump

edited May 2012
I'm currently using LinqPad v4.42.01 and we've started getting a lot of ThreadAbortedException dumps appearing in the dump window. I believe this has started happening since the latest update. There are so many of them that we cannot dump out our own variables and the dump window stops due to too much data.

To give you some context, we're not using any of the built-in data providers, we're just creating LinqPad queries against a custom set of libraries and dumping plain lists into the dump window.

Had anyone come across this and know of a fix/workaround?


  • Do you know the source of the ThreadAbortedExceptions? Is it the custom libraries?
  • They are coming from our libraries yes, but we're not explicitly throwing them. We're also careful to gracefully shut down any threads that we create ourselves.
  • Unfortunately this is still a big issue for us :(

    A colleague ran one of our scripts (unwittingly on an older version of LinqPad) and he was able to run the script fine and dump out his variables without it dumping out exception messages. Then LinqPad auto-updated, he ran the exact same script without modification and now he's getting the exceptions. There are so many that it reaches the limit of the graph and just stops.

    Is there a way I can provide you with some diagnostic information or similar to help diagnose the problem?

    Is there a way I get back to an earlier version without it auto-updating so that we can run our queries?
  • I've modified the new build so that it shows ThreadAbortedExceptions only if they are initiated from within the source of the query itself. So you should stop seeing these messages if you download the latest beta:
  • That's great; I've tested it and it works fine now.

    Thanks for the updates!
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