SQL type display for current database only (bug or by design?)

Having already embarrassed myself by posting this as a feature request (sorry Joe), here's the issue...

When in SQL mode the connection tree shows SQL types and names for all objects on the currently selected database only. All other data contexts display .NET types and names, which makes it less usable when attempting to write queries that source data from other databases and/or servers.

Proposed Resolution: Connection list should show name and type information appropriate for the currently selected query language on all objects.

To replicate:
  1. Open an instance of LINQPad
  2. If only one single-database connection available add server connection with multiple databases
  3. Select connection for query and set language to SQL
  4. Expand objects in any other connection/database in connection tree
Example Image:

Used Version: LINQPad v4.47.02 Premium
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