How to edit data directly in a grid

Hi, I purchased LINQPad premium in an attempt to replace TOAD for Oracle. However, i'm unsure how to be able to edit my data directly in linqpad? I just wanted to update a few rows without having to use proper update statements to change data on the fly for another application.

Can anyone point me to some simple instructions on how to do this?


  • It appears editing in the data grid is not supported by the IQ driver. So you'll have to do something like the following:
    .SomeProperty = "SomeValue";
    Not ideal unfortunately. You might want to ping Joseph Albahari about when/if support will be added. Also, add this to the uservoice forum.
  • Okay. Guess your not familiar if I were to use the actual Oracle ODAC drivers instead? Thanks for the quick reply Sorax.

    I did run the following statement (note: I'm still a novice at Linq so there might be a better way)

    this.ArngSiaAprRevs //Table Name
    .First(a => a.Apprrevid == 1) //Where ID = Value
    .Reviewcomments = "Updated Comments"; //Column set to something

    Thanks again.
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