does not exist in the namespace

Using Linqpad 4.48.01
In my C# code I can create an instance of this
var x = new ZZZ.CRS2014.DAL.Repository.Interfaces.BusServIndDebtor();

in LinqPad I have added the ZZZ.CRS2014.DAL.dll and imported the appropriate namespaces but when I try
"select new ZZZ.CRS2014.DAL.Repository.Interfaces.BusServIndDebtor()"
I get
"The type or namespace name 'BusServIndDebtor' does not exist in the namespace ZZZ.CRS2014.DAL.Repository.Interfaces'"

If I try to create other classes from other namespaces, they work. It is only the ones in this namespace that LinqPad cannot resolve.
In this situation ZZZ.CRS2014.DAL.Repository has no public classes and is just a logical placeholder for .Interfaces and .Classes where all the public classes reside.
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