Windows seem to "stick" at times

Every so often, I have windows that appear as part of the standard usage of LINQpad that "stick" and don't close when I expect them to. Such as the Ctrl+Tab "Active Queries" window, which I presently have 2 of on screen. Same with the "Save changes to the following queries", which I also have, on top of the 2 Ctrl+Tab windows! You can see this in the screenshot below...

I believe it started with just the "Save changes..." window in 4.47, since I don't recall seeing the window for queries in previous versions.

At this point, my only option is to kill LINQpad through Task Manager, since right-clicking the task bar icon and doing "Close Window" does not work, nor does clicking any of the buttons on the save dialog.



  • There doesn't appear to be a specific pattern to how it occurs. I've been trying to be more mindful of what's happening when it does occur (namely the save issue since that's my long running one), but nothing to date.

    I was putting it out here in case someone else also has run into this issue and has more consistent steps to reproduce. I'll update when it happens again with more information on how I got it to happen.
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