LINQPad 4 + Reflector 8.3 + NuGet = Multiple Reflectors

I think I found a sort of odd bug with the Reflector integration.

  • LINQPad 4.48.01
  • Reflector
If you:
  1. Open LINQPad (but not Reflector) and start a new query.
  2. Add the "Autofac" package to the query from NuGet.
  3. In the query, type "new ContainerBuilder();" so you have something to reflect on.
  4. With the cursor on ContainerBuilder, do Shift+F1 to open Reflector.
What happens is two Reflector instances open up. Both get the Autofac assembly added, but only one navigates to the right location.

If you already have a Reflector window open, things work as expected - the assembly is just added to the existing Reflector instance and navigation occurs.
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