SQL Auzure issue


I am getting an error on my SQL azure connection that aI do not get on my local SQLExpress connection:

There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first
void Main()
	var cs= from c in TableNumber1
			orderby c.field1
			select c;
	DateTime d = DateTime.Parse("1/16/2011");
	while (d < DateTime.Now)
		var t = from f in cs where f.field1 >= d && f.field1 < d.AddDays(1) select f;
		foreach (var a in t)
			if (a.RecipientId != null)
		d = d.AddDays(1);
I suspect that I can force the first query to execute fully with .ToList(), but, if I wish to avoid that solution, is there a way around this single open data reader problem?

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