Packages showing in nuget feed of local repository

edited April 2014

I have observed a strange behavior when trying to add a nuget package from our company's local feed. Contrary to the official nuget feed which shows only the the latest version of a package the local feed shows every version there is available.

When opening the Feed using the Internet Explorer I also see all versions of the packages, though the NuGet UI in Visual Studio only shows the latest version of the package.

Is this behavior of LINQPad intended or should the feed only show the latest version of each package?

In my opinion that would be a feasible solution because should I want to add an older version of a package to my query I always could select the "Add Specific Version To Query" option from the drop down menu of the "Add To Query" menu.

EDIT: Here's an additional observation: No matter what version I select in the feed - when simply clicking the "Add To Query" button, LINQPad always chooses the latest version anyway...

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