issues with connecting to ef

hi everyone here,
i'm trying to connect linqpad (vers. 4) to entity model. following the steps in the section "how to use linqpad with ef", but i get an error msg saying "there are no types based on system.data.entity.dbcontext in that assembly"
i tried to look on the web but didn't find any solution.
i'v tried both options ef dbcontext and ef objectcontext. it looks like for some reason, linqpad can't read my dll file.
i must say that i'm very new to both ef and linqpad so maybe i'm missing something very obviously

thanks in advance for any help!


  • If you are using an older version of EF it may be using objectcontext instead of dbcontext. When you create the connection you should be able to select the objectcontext driver instead of the dbcontext driver which might fix it.
  • I'm really sorry - just noticed my literacy fail. Didn't see that you had already tried both context types.

    One thing I'd try is to add a reference to your assembly directly and see if you can create your context manually. That may help narrow down the issue.

    Also what EF version are you using, and are you on the latest version of linqpad?
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