Util.RawHtml and input box

With Util.RawHtml I can create an HTML input box in the result window. Is it possible to retrieve the contents of this input field in my c# code?


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    edited September 2015
    I'm also interested in this. Also consider retrieving user input from other control types: select, checkbox, radio, textarea...
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    edited April 29

    Super late to respond, but after some Googling, I just completed this in LINQPad 8 as below:

    void Main()
        var input = Util.RawHtml("<textarea id='links' rows='10' style='width: 100%;'></textarea>").Dump(); 
        var btn = new Button("Create Google Search Links", c => CreateLinks(input)).Dump(); // Ignore the button text, I am trying to create links from texts.
    static void CreateLinks(object input)
        var t = (string)Util.InvokeScript(true, "eval", "document.getElementById('links').value");
        t.Dump("TextArea string");


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    Am I missing something?
    What's wrong with just using the standard LinqPad Textarea control?

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