Problem with DBContext

edited March 2012
I have created a new connection, using the "Entity Framework DbContext POCO (4.1/4.2) option (I'm using version 4.38.06). The connection works, and if I click to expand it, I see all my entity sets. I have the connection selected in the Database dropdown.

When I try to use the connection, Intellisense is telling me:

"Select a database in the dropdown above...". Well the database is there, but I can't get any further.

If I try right clicking on an entity set, and choose something like Explore Top 100 Rows in a grid, it creates the Linq statement, such as Accounts.Take(100), but it shows an error "Value cannot be null. Parameter Name: key". The sets do have a key defined for these tables.

I'm using a model generated by Devart's Entity Developer, and Devart's DotConnect for Oracle as a DBProvider.

Any ideas?


Pat Connelly


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