NuGet beta packages not showing

I am running the latest beta since the current stable version does not show nuget packages with tags and the nuget search function does not work.

So I am running 4.56.6, but this version does not show beta packages for feeds you add. So I can see beta packages in the official nuget feed, but not my company feed. This feature is working in the latest stable version.

I am wondering if this is a known issue or if a fix needs to be made because its choose your poison on nuget features between the stable and beta version.


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    Yes, this is a known issue. A new build will be out to fix this soon.
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    Is this still a known issue? I am seeing the same thing when trying to add the repo that our TeamCity server hosts.

    I can see non-prerelease packages just fine, but all of the prerelease ones are absent. The official nuget feed shows prerelease and if I copy packages into a local folder and add that source they show up there too.

    It's possible there is something weird with TeamCity's feed, but I just wanted to see if this was still a LINQPad issue first.
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    This should now be fixed in 5.02.05.

    Let me know.
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    I can confirm that both bugs have been fixed in the latest beta. I would like to add that I love the quick shortcut to go straight to the nuget package manager.

    It is a little disorienting to see every version of the package in the search results when you can click the drop down arrow and select which version you want. Also in that dialog box you cannot see the beta packages. The one problem this causes in listing all versions is search is basically unusable unless you know the package id, because whatever package most resembles your search term will take up the entire results with all its versions. I notice that both these issues of no beta packages under the download specific version option and search showing all the versions of one package are only for custom nuget feeds and do not occur in the nuget official package source which behaves how expected. I can provide screen shots if what I said above is not clear, just let me know.

    But those are cosmetic issues, this beta build provides the functionality you need. Thank you
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    5.02.05 is working for the prerelease stuff, though it is true that it shows all of the different versions available in the TeamCity feed. I don't know if that is normal or not, but that's working for me. Thanks!
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    Try again with the 5.03 beta - it should now work properly with both kinds of feed.
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    Still see every version in list and lack of betas in the Specific Version to Query dialog
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    It's hard to figure out the cause because I don't have your custom feed. I've just uploaded another beta; let me know if it helps.
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    From reading the thread, this is being addressed in the 5.x product. Will this fix go into the 4.x line? Updating our license is not a problem, we didn't have a need but this would accelerate that.

    4.57 and 4.58 both have the same issue with private NuGet feeds. Do you need a custom feed to diagnose? The feeds with pre-release do work in VS 2013 and VS 2015. I would provide a sample feed through a private channel if necessary.
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    Yes, it should be fixed in 5.x. It's unlikely that there will be further updates to 4.x.
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    I'm having this issue trying to download a beta nuget package that my team made. I have the Include Prerelease checked marked. I can view the package in visual studio with the checkmark Include prelease. Below is the version of my beta package

    version : 6.0.9-Beta2

    my version of linqpad is v5.40.00. I also have linqpad 6 but this is a .net framework nuget package I'm working with

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