how to tell which tabs are still executing and/or get notified when inactive tabs finish?

edited August 2012
Sometimes I'll have multiple long-running things going on in multiple tabs, and while SSMS changes the tab to include '(Executing)', it doesn't appear that LINQPad does something similar.

Is there anything 'in the box' that does this, and if not, any recommendations for getting that kind of effect?

Certainly there's a brute-force approach of adding a MessageBox.Show (or the like) to the end of every script I run, but I'm trying to avoid that if possible.

On a potentially related note, are there any pre- or post- execution code options?

If there were a post-execution method I could implement that included a context object that included things like whether the tab was active when execution finished and how long execution took, then I could use those to determine whether to pop up a messagebox (or whatever) to say something like 'Query 6 has finished executing!'



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