can tab context menu include 'copy full path to clipboard'?

edited August 2012
Because we keep our linqpad scripts checked into TFS, sometimes I need to edit a script that I've opened, but it's read-only on disk (in TFS 2012 we could use local workspaces, but let's ignore that for now).

Currently I have to click 'organize' over in the My Queries pane/tab and then dig through Windows Explorer to find the script, at which point I can either use the windows shell extension to pend the edit with TFS, or shift-right-click to copy its path. Another option is invoking Save or Save As and then trying to get the filename from there (although the full path isn't generally available as a single string)

It would be very useful if 'copy full path' were available in the tab context menu (the one that includes 'Clone Query' and 'Query Properties' as the last 2 entries currently) - for queries that haven't been saved ('Query 1', for instance), it doesn't matter to me whether those return empty string or some temp file (assuming there's one that backs each query window, being used by the 'recover queries from previous app crash/exit' functionality)

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