dll not found exception in Linqpad when using Tesseract OCR software

I am trying to use Tesseract OCR Software in Linqpad. I made the following steps:

1) I installed Tesseract 3.02 by using the installer in


2) I added in Linqpad a reference to Tesseract through nuget, precisely the following package: a .Net wrapper for tesseract-ocr

3) I added in the PATH variable the path of Tesseract binary that contains also two native dll library

4) I installed Visual Studio x86 & x64 runtime as suggested in


However, when I try to use tesseract in Linqpad I get the following error:

DllNotFoundException: Failed to find library "liblept168.dll" for platform x86

I suppose that the Problem is related to how use native dll in Linqpad.

How can I fix this Problem?


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