Cannot connect to Contoso University Entity Framework MVC5 tutorial.

Hi Joe or anyone

I am working my way through the ASP.NET MVC Contoso University tutorial and am up to...

(MVC5 Entity Framework V6.1.0 Code First)

About 2/3rds of the way down the page is the Db diagram.

The diagram that my VS project has is EXACTLY the same so I know it is correct. (using EF Power Tools).

LinqPad will not connect to this DB. Please see the video here http://screenr.com/U5pN

It seems to be looking for the Db inside 'C:\Program files...\LINQPad4\'.

Please note: this DB is not the DB as per the "final DB" of this tutorial. This DB is the 'tutorial-to-date DB.'

The final DB also could not be used in LP4 as LP4 did not understand an "EF CF Abstract class model" (public abstract class Person) as demonstrated here...

I originally wanted to use the "final DB" but because of the issue with abstract class I built my DB from the beginning of the tutorial by following the tutorial step-by-step.

I am providing very detailed information in the hope the issue/s can be reproduced and resolved.



  • What does the connection string look like in your web.config file? Does it have the special path variable |App_Data|? If so - that is probably what is tripping things up. Try converting that to the full physical path to your application. Something like: C:\Temp\Contoso\ContosoUniversity\App_Data\ContosoUniversity1.mdf

    If this fixes it - you can also create a copy of your Web.config called Web.linqpad.config that has that hard-coded path and use it for LINQPad.
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