Edit Table

Hey Everyone, I bought LinqPad Premium and i don't know how to edit table or it doesn't work, can someone show me how to do it ?

thanks a lot


  • From the WhatsNew doc:
    If you're a LINQPad Premium user, you can now edit database tables directly in data grids. Just run a query such as Customers.Take(1000) in DataGrid mode (or right-click a table in the Schema Explorer and run one of the 'Explore' snippets) and click the 'Edit' button. You can add rows, delete single or multiple rows, and edit most values, including binary, XML and multi-line text data - and see the full SQL log of your edits. You can also click association properties and add child rows without needing to populate the parent key. Note that for now, this works only with the default query provider (LINQ-to-SQL), and your queries must project entire entities (e.g., customers), not anonymous types.
  • Thanks a lot Sorax, it works !!! have a nice day !
  • For which DB's does this work? I don't see Edit button when connecting to Oracle DB
  • Is there a way to Alter a table other than running a query? E.g. alter a column datatype such as change VarChar(50) to VarChar(255)?
  • You can't do this interactively. You have to execute the DDL.
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