.Net Core 2.0 Support (Queries)

I've been working on ,Net core lately and I've realized how much I miss Linq pad for quick drafts and snippets. Yes, it is compatible with Desktop .Net API wise, but being able to run .Net core directly and add .Net core packages would be a highly welcome addition.

(And also being able to benchmark code fragments directly Linq pad is something I found myself missing)


  • LINQPad is compatible with .NET Standard 2.0 libraries, so if you're able to target .NET Standard for at least some of your libraries, you'll be able to reference those from LINQPad.

    Making LINQPad compatible with .NET Core is non-trivial because it would need to spin up and talk to a different runtime. And because there are multiple versions of .NET Core, it needs to figure out the right version for the library in question, and locate the and start the correct runtime.
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