Sharing queries with assembly references

Hello ... I have a bunch of .linq queries that I share with people on a network store.

Many of these require references to custom assemblies (F4, 'Additional References').

These are not necessarily located on the same drive or root path location for other people. There are also times where I need to change where the root of the assembly paths locally (multiple branches, etc).

Is there some way to make the assembly reference paths stored in the .linq relative to something that users can set once locally? An environment variable could work, but so could some linqPad configuration value...

Does anything like that exist? Or a better solution?



  • LINQPad will automatically relativise to any of the following environment folders:

    My documents
    Application data
    Local application data
    Common application data
    Common program files
    .NET Runtime directory
  • hmm ... since these are locally built/distributed assemblies I want to reference, they live in our p4 depot paths ... can I use %XXX% syntax to reference any environment variable in the path?
  • Unfortunately not. Even if you could use that syntax by directly modifying the .linq file, it would be washed out when you opened and saved the query.

    Another option is to use a local NuGet feed to a network share.
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