lprun and log4net

I've had some scheduled LINQPad tasks scripts hanging and it was related to this single line:

(Nuget: log4net)
log4net.LogicalThreadContext.Properties["host"] = "test";
Save a LINQ file in C# statements mode with log4net package and the above line. lprun will run indefinitely.
Other log4net commands work fine. I can isolate the problem to just this single line.

Any clue why lprun is hanging?


  • Easily reproducible with this script: http://share.linqpad.net/8vljpg.linq

    The linqpad is stuck here:

    @ _workSignal.WaitOne(); (with infinite timeout)

    @ _done.WaitOne(); (with infinite timeout)


    This should be re-written to periodically check if the underlying process (user query) is alive and kicking.
  • As a workaround you need to have the Main method in async mode.
    async Task Main() { log4net.LogicalThreadContext.Properties["host"] = "test"; }

    Seems like a deadlock on the thread context when the root is not async.
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