linqpad 5 wcf with message security and certificate credentials fails

I have a script that tries to get a security token from a security token service with message security and certificate credential. It fails only in linqpad 5. In linqpad 4 it runs successfully and also the same code in a console app.
The console app has been tested succesfully targetting .net 4.5.2, .net 4.6.2 and .net 4.7.2.
This has most likely to do with SSL and TSL settings. Does Linqpad 5 changes anything for the settings? I can see in networklogs linqpad 4 sslprotocols :None, linqpad 5 sslProtocols=Tls11, Tls12 and error code=AlgorithmMismatch.

I have no control over ssl or tls settings on the servers


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