Status of LINQPad 6?

Hi, I just wondering is there any plan to release LINQPad 6 recently? No matter alpha or beta?
And what will change in LINQPad 6 compare with LINQPad 5?


  • LINQPad 6 targets the upcoming .NET Core 3. I've been working on it for a number of months, and am now down to 300 items on the TODO! As you might be aware, quite a few things in .NET Framework (and third-party libraries) are not present in .NET Core, and these have to be worked around or re-invented.

    LINQPad 6 also has a revamped driver model, making it easier to write and publish data context drivers. All you will have to do is publish a NuGet package, and the driver will be visible to everyone. It will also be possible to dual-target drivers, so the same Visual Studio project will generate drivers for both LINQPad 5 and LINQPad 6.

    I've also re-written the NuGet downloader. It now downloads and pulls assemblies directly from the machine cache, and is faster and more efficient.
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