Chart dumps an object, not a chart

If I set my language to C# Statements, and use the following...

List> donations = new List> {
new Tuple(0, 10),
new Tuple(1, 7),
new Tuple(3, 12),
new Tuple(4, 3)

var hours = Enumerable.Range(0, 5)
.Select(n => new {
Hour = n,
Number = donations.FirstOrDefault(d => d.Item1 == n)?.Item2 ?? 0

hours.Chart(h => h.Hour, h => h.Number).Dump();

...then I don't get a Chart tab in the results pane, I get a LINQPadChart`1 dump, which looks like some object.

How do I get the chart? I'm using LinqPad v5.36.03 premium edition


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