Which compiler, tools are being used?


Please excuse my low technical knowledge
But when I run linqpad

How can i tell the following
Which .Net environment is being used?
Which F# version, interpreter, compiler is being used?
Which debugger is being used?
What is my current active directory?



  • LINQPad 5 always uses the latest .NET Framework version installed on your computer (which is likely to be 4.7 or 4.8). In LINQPad 6, go to Help | About to get the .NET Core version in use.

    LINQPad's debugger is proprietory.

    Running the following query will tell you the current directory:


    In LINQPad 5, this defaults to where LINQPad.exe is located.
    In LINQPad 6, this defaults to the query's temporary output folder.
  • Thanks for the reply

    Any plans, to add configurations, to be more explicit about the environment

    For example, choose which .net version to use
    Set the path for the F# compiler interpreter etc..

  • Are you talking about LINQPad 5 for .NET Framework? And if so, which older version of .NET Framework do you wish to target, and for what reason?

    With regard F#, LINQPad is moving towards relying entirely on FSharp.Compiler.Service, so you'll always be running a (resonably) recent compiler version (this is how it works in LINQPad 6). Does this answer your question, or do you need the ability to run an older F# version?
  • This should be good enough, for a scratch pad, I dont think one needs more than this

    As for selecting, the paths etc...
    Since I will be using Linqpad to learn about the .net framework, and mainly F#
    I just asked about this, because for learning it just feels better to know what is being executed

    Or that the version used in the scratchpad, is the same you will use to run the program later

    There is a lot about .net that is still a lot of black boxes for me ..so I understand that my questions might be misplaced

    Thanks again for the reply
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