LINQPad 6.4.4 (x64) throws System.TypeLoadException on launch

Yesterday morning I installed LINQPad 6 and launched it once with no problem. All subsequent launches have thrown the below exception on launch and exits the program. Both the x64 and x86 version of LINQPad 6 is throwing the same error.

I have LINQPad 5 on my machine which has been installed for a long time and that still works with no issues.

The only system change I can think of that happened since the first successful launch is I did update my Visual Studio 2019 to 16.4.0 yesterday morning also, possible after installing LINQPad 6, so I am wondering if that somehow caused a issue?


  • Microsoft removed a bunch of controls from .NET Core 3.1 without warning.

    I've released a new build to work around this, but you'll have to download and install LINQPad again - it can't update itself because the crash is on startup.

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