UPDATE query is corrupt in LINQ to DB driver to MS Access database

Hi, I'm a new LINQpad user working with a simple test Access database. I have connected to the database using two different .lpx drivers (the builtin LINQ to DB, and a 'Microsoft Access Data Context Driver' that was mentioned in a forum somewhere.

Both drivers work fine with SELECT statements. Both drivers work fine with UPDATE statements that do not have a WHERE clause. But both drivers say my query is corrupt when I include a where clause. Here is the query - it works fine when I type it straight into Access.

// this one works fine
update test set foobar = "boo"

// these get an error 'Query is corrupt'
update test set foobar = "boo" where foobar = "linq to db"
update test set foobar = "boo" where ID = 1

Are where clauses somehow more difficult to implement in these Access drivers? Is it really my query that is corrupt, or are the drivers just both returning the same unhelpful error messages?

Thank you


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