Enterprise license shared with outsource company

Hi, If i purchase an enterprise license can this be used by both my local development team and the outsource company we use?
Does the 10 locations allow our outsource team members to use the same license or is another enterprise license needed for the outsource team as well?


  • In general, the Enterprise license covers only the one legal entity, and so the outsourcing company would need to be licensed separately.

  • Hi, many thanks for the prompt response.

    It's a shame because our development team is split roughly 50/50 between local team members and outsource team members. We share common tools such as MSDN, office 365 etc via licenses we purchase. It would be good if under these circumstances the outsource team counted as one of the 10 locations.

    I will inform the team they need to purchase 2 enterprise licenses with the outsource company providing their own to ensure the correct legal entity is licensed.

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