Ignore 'no such function' error when building Sqlite connections

Not sure whether this is possible, but is there any way to ignore 'no such function' errors when building a Sqlite schema or even to ignore all views and just show tables.

I am trying to access a third party database and it gives this error because some of the views rely on functions that are only created when the third party program creates a connection to the database. So these functions do not exist externally and hence not available to LinqPad.

As a workaround, I have taken a copy of the sqlite database and deleted the views and used LinqPad to generate a TypedDataContext which I can use with the 'Use a typed data context from your own assembly' option. This allows me to use my Sqlite database in LinqPad now.

However, the program that generates this database has the option to create extra tables which means I would have to repeat this procedure every time that happens.

It would be helpful, if LinqPad could cope with the database automatically.


Using LinqPad v6.11.8 (beta)


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