Save cache when switching between connections

I noticed that when changing connections data saved with Util.Cache is cleared. It would be handy if there was a way to persist cache across connections.

A use case I have is comparing data between server instances. For example, I would like to cache some data under a qa key, switch to a staging server connection, and then cache some new data under a staging key.

Once both caches are populated I would do comparisons.



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    If you're sure that the two data models are equal, you can create another instance of the typed data context (or user query) to the staging environment.

    var conn1 = this;
    using var conn2 = new TypedDataContext(
      new SqlConnectionStringBuilder(Connection.ConnectionString) {
        DataSource = @"sql2\MSSQLSERVER"
    Util.Dif(conn1.Products, conn2.Products).Dump();
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