Is there a way to prevent the Tables node from expanding when a database connection is established?

I work a lot with stored procedures. When I open LinqPad in the AM, it reconnects and expands the tables node and shows 300 tables sometimes.

Is there an option to just leave the Tables, Views and Sprocs all collapsed until opened?


  • This should not happen just by opening LINQPad.

    Do you have any shelved queries that LINQPad is restoring? If so, check those queries: one of them will be using that connection. Either close that query, or clear its connection.

  • @JoeAlbahari Sorry, I should clarify it does NOT happen just by opening LinqPad. It happens when expanding a DB node from the connections tree. IE:

    And then:

    Ideally, I would like to disable "auto open tables when done populating". Or maybe an option to pick which to auto expand.

  • I see. It would be better if it didn't automatically expand the tables node when there are lots of tables and also views/SPs/functions below. I'll get a fix into the next update.

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