Fileshare based Nuget feeds and LPRun.exe

We are planning to use LINQPad scripts and LPRun.exe to automate different ad hoc processes on both our test and production environments, typically data manipulations with various sources like database, Excel, XML and CSV. We have a batch system, which is essentially a Windows service developed in .NET. The batch system will in turn start LPRun.exe in a separate process to run the script. The scripts often use Nuget packages, and we would like to use a fileshare based feed so that we can control which packages are available to the scripts. The servers will not have access to the internet for security reasons. For this we are placing a NuGetSources.xml next to LPRun.exe with the following content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <NuGetSources> <Source Name="feed" URI="C:\temp\Nuget" /> </NuGetSources>

When running the script we get the following output:

Downloading NuGet package [package name] and dependencies from C:\temp\Nuget
Error downloading '[package name]' - No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it [IP address]:443

So it seems like even though we configured only a fileshare feed, it tries to communicate over HTTPS anyway. Any suggestions to how we can avoid it?

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  • Is the NuGet source recognized when you run the GUI (LINQPad6) from that folder instead of LPRun?

  • Forgot to mention I am running LINQPad 5. But yes, I am able to use the exact same folder from LINQPad GUI. I can browse the repository, and I can install packages. The repository is a single folder containing a subfolder for each package named with package name and version. Each subfolder has a .nupkg file named with package name and version.

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