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I opened a .cs file, made some changes and then tried to save it back as a .cs file. It saved but had .linq related metadata in it. Is there a way to open & save .cs files just as is, so that they're fully-compatible with VS.NET and MSBuild?

Something so simple should be possible.



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    Does this functionnalllities could be implemented in june 2021 ?
    this let us use debug , ILSpy , ntellissense when we don't need a real IDE only one *.cs
    file !!

  • This feature has existed for some time in LINQPad 6. When you open a .cs file, you can make edits and save it back, and LINQPad will not add any .linq metadata.

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    I buy linQPad 5 without care of .NET ( Framework , core and " " call 5 !, shure I don't need to go .NET core ) and discover *.cs problem ( linqPAd support C# and don't support *.cs fie a non sense ! ..it like supporting python but don't support *.py !! )

    Is there a way to switch licence if it confirm that i need target .NET framework 5 ?
    -Does buy V5 in may 2021 include free update to LINQPad 7 in november 2021
    -which .NET Core/framework/" " version ll be supported by LinQpad7 ?

    Does this forum can be use for suggestion or ask feature .?
    If yes, Does this little functionnalities could be implemented for v5 ? :
    -support extension like *.cs with *.linq
    -support option to remove linq metadata when save and be compatible with only C# code

    I buy LinqPad only for debug / intelllssense functionnalities available in LinqPAd and for C# !


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