How to sett css class on a DumpContainer

Is there any way to set the css class on a DumpContainer? Would be super useful.


  • I'll look into it. For now, you can wrap the DumpContainer in a div:

    var dc = new DumpContainer();
    var div = new Div (dc).Dump();
    for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++)
        dc.Content = i;
        div.Styles ["font-size"] = i.ToString() + "px";
        Thread.Sleep (100);
  • That's what I do now but the UI framework we're building for Linqpad is getting quite complex and we're hitting some cases with CSS that are difficult/messy to solve without the ability to set the CSS class on the DIV that the DumpContainer produces.

  • edited September 27

    This should work.

    var dc = new DumpContainer();
    dc.Style = "color: #EE6F6F;";
    dc.Content = "Hello World";
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