LinqPad6 - PE image doesn't contain managed metadata.

In my Plugins and Extensions folder are some DLLs that I use in LinqPad5. I made a new C# statement in LinqPad6, and get this message about those DLLs. Even though this is a new query which does absolutely nothing.

Why does this happen? Do I need a different extensions folder for LP6?


  • Framework 4.6-specific assemblies should go in the Framework 4.6 subfolder.

    .NET Core 3-specific assemblies should go in the NetCore3 subfolder.
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    i have a problem when test manifold GIS dll

    i don't understand what JoeAlbahari write !

    any help ll be welcome !

    issues from
    -dll path
    -32 64 bit ?
    -way to load dll
    var myAssembly = AssemblyLoadContext.Default.LoadFromAssemblyPath(@C:.......\Custom.Thing.dll);
    var CTType = myAssembly.GetType("Custom.Thing.SampleClass");
    var CTInstance = Activator.CreateInstance(CTType);

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    I also modify the code find at https://manifold.net/doc/api/scripts-net.html#application_getdatabaseroot
    // C#
    class Script
    // in a script component named 'Script' in a new MAP file
    static Manifold.Context Manifold;
    static void Main()
    Manifold.Application app = Manifold.Application;
    using (Manifold.Database db = app.GetDatabaseRoot())
    using (Manifold.Table table = db.Search("mfd_root"))
    string[] fields = new string[] { "Name" };
    using (Manifold.Sequence sequence = table.SearchAll(fields))
    while (sequence.Fetch())
    The result is below

    I modify this code in Linqpad 5 and errors appears.
    When open/create a empty file project with *.map extension ; 2 tables are create.
    The code retrieve the information inside table of name mfd_root after add an Object of name Script and Type Script

    any help ll be welcome !

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