LINQPad 7?

Already pre-purchased LINQPad 7.

Just wondering is there any new cool stuff for LINQPad 7?
How long is the first preview date?
Will a first preview version releases out when .NET 6.0 RTM releasing?

Known LINQPad 7 features from existing known sources:

  • Native support for .NET 6.0
  • Native support Windows ARM64
  • Confirmed not supported for MacOS/Linux


  • Other than what you describe, the first preview release will have feature parity with LINQPad 6 - new features will come early next year. There have been several challenges in completing LINQPad 7, one being that LINQPad 7 must also support .NET 5 and .NET 3.1 so that you don't need to run LINQPad 6 side-by-side. I'm close to achieving a zero-friction solution, but the process hasn't been straightforward: just solving the startup issues has required writing custom CLR hosts in C++. The good news is that LPRun will also use the custom CLR hosts, which will mean you can specify a framework as a command-line option:

    LPRun7 -fx=5.0 MyQuery.linq

    Without this, there would need to be 9 versions of LPRun - (.NET 6, .NET 5, .NET 3.1) x (X64, X86, ARM64), each with its own matching DLL and .runtimeconfig.json file.

    There are still a few issues with EF Core 6 and also with the debugger under .NET 6, and some minor issues with ARM64. Hopefully, you'll see the first preview within a week, well before .NET 6 RTM!

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