Can a .NET (Framework 4.7.2) executable be referenced as if it is a DLL in LINQPad 7?

Further to this StackOverflow question, can a .NET executable (compiled using .NET Framework 4.7.2) be referenced as if it's a DLL in LINQPad 7?



  • I've not had any other requests for this feature, so it hasn't had much love. Keep in mind that when it comes to referencing .NET Framework assemblies from .NET Core, it tends to succeed only in simple cases. There are many things that can prevent it from working correctly in practice.

  • Understood... thanks for the confirmation Joe.

    Am refactoring the solution into a library plus .exe stub (as it should have been). LINQPad loading an exe as a DLL was just a vain hope to avoid doing the work :#

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