député instead député ( FR) MysqL on WSL2 ubuntu

edited November 2021

LinqPad don't have to do a latin to utf conversion since MYSQL data are in utf not latin under WSL2


  • Have you tried LINQPad 7? It uses EF Core for the MySQL driver, which is much better in how it handles text encoding.

  • Is there a way since i manage web page that use utf-8 to set Console output to utf-8 ?
    I use this :

    But even if the LinQPad completion show me that namespace method and value exist ; i have this message
    An exception was unhandled
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    F5 to continue Ctrl + F5 to continu without debugger.
    Is there a way by using C# for have Console.Write() return text in utf-8 without Exception message !!

  • The issue in this case isn't with the Console encoding; it's with the MySQL driver in LINQPad 5.

    When you call Dump or Console.Write in LINQPad, it always uses Unicode when formatting the output to HTML.

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