suggestion : need access to " include/header" to flat file without unknown variable

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I don't like the use of variables when saving a project and for reasons of understanding.
I test the snippet file ( *.snippet) that use xml syntax .

Could we have the choice of instead export xml with this kind of information
i mean this information since browser engine don't show xml tag :

to have the choice to have a flat file with this kind of content
$reference: C:\aaaa.bbbb\xxxxxxx.yyyyyy\www.ttt.hhh.dll ( Full absolute path file )
using cccc.fffffffffff;
namespace gggggg { using System; public class MyClass { //... } }

so without include any variable like in xml file
on my PC is C:\Users\\AppData\Local\LINQPad\NuGet.FW46\
on my PC is C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319"
on my PC is set using EDit -> preference -> folder for snippet *.linq and *.dll
i mean this information since browser engine don't show xml tag :

Those datas could be include in the xml *.snippet file in a new code section call "include" ..
i also use a sofware that let us write and run C# script but all the kind of include header need to be flat !
Finding all the references by hand is a tedious job and a huge waste of time for me!
I also need to attach to each namespace its library or assembly !
Is there a linQPad API in C# that let us do that ?

a software is not use alone and is use in a specific context.
My context is

  • backing file so i have general information with xml snippet and specific with CDATA that contain flat header / include
  • easy copy all include headers use in C# to run it inside Manifold GIS editor without waste my time
    LinQPad has the best affordable C# editor with debug for people who need to do basic C# programming ( a kind of Excel VB Script).



  • Are you saying that you want LINQPad to save .snippet files with the locations of referenced assemblies tokenized? And if so, is this so that you can share .snippet files between machines?

    Note that LINQPad follows the structure defined by Visual Studio, so that .snippet files are compatible with VS as much as possible.

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    I understand that there is rule for project file . I ask that because i don't use Visual studio and use another software that behave like LinQpad and can compile run C# script but need access to absolute path for assembly and name space ( don't want to copy dll inside directory of the software) . Most of the user i think buy LinQPad to not Buy VS or only to test code before use VS .I did not know the role, the origin, and the importance of this file *.snippet ! If this is not possible, no problem; I will ask the developers of the sofwtare if they can support the file format you are talking about.

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