Help with silent install for deployment


i am trying to package Linqpad 7 up for deployment in our organization with SCCM, but every time i test it, it hangs while complaining (invisibly) about a missing file. here's the line i am using:

"LINQPad7Setup.exe" /verysilent /norestart /allusers /activateall=XXXXX-XXXXX /log="%windir%\temp\linqpad7.log"

(The "X's" above are replaced with the actual key, just didn't want to put it here)

When i run the same line in a command prompt, it tells me "File 'C:\Program Files\LINQPad7\LINQPad.GUI.dll' does not exist". If i click OK on the message, the install finishes and LINQPad installs and launches and licenses as expected. However, i cannot count on my end users to accept this error message - is there something i am doing incorrectly or a switch i can employ to move past the message automatically?


  • I'll get this fixed in the next release. In the meantime, you can work around this by removing the /activateall option from the setup command, and activating LINQPad afterwards as follows:

    "%programfiles%\linqpad7\linqpad7" -activateall=xxxxx-xxxxx
  • Excellent! thanks for the tip!

  • Greetings to anyone who ends up here while Googling for an answer!

    The above suggestion does work. However, if you are deploying via SCCM task sequence (as i am currently) you will likely get a fail state with an error code of 0xE0434352 when trying to run the activate command.

    However, the command still activates LINQPad, it just doesn't like that it pops a modal dialog box briefly while it does it.

    So, the way i got around it was to set the option "Continue on Error" in the Command Line step. I am sure there are cooler, nerdier ways to do it, but there you go.

    Good Luck!

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