Online activation - TLS 1.2 supported?

I recently upgraded to LINQPad 7, but was unable to activate it online. My attempts failed with this error message:-

Error: Unable to contact licensing server:
The SSL connection could not be established, see inner exception.

Check for Updates also fails, presumably for the same underlying reason. This also applies to LINQPad 6, installed previously.

I successfully activated LINQPad 6 some time ago on this same PC via the same network connection. This problem occurs only on my work machine; online activation works fine on my home PC.

Our sys-admin tells me the likely explanation is a recently tightened security policy that requires at least TLS 1.2 for secure connections (client and server), and this might not be supported by the activation endpoint.

If so, I mention it here in case others hit the same problem. (If not, any ideas?)

The Offline Activation facility (https://www.linqpad.net/licensing/offline.aspx) is a useful work-around, so I'm now up and running :-)

(auto-updates notwithstanding...)


  • The server supports TLS 1.2. Could you try checking for updates again in case it's a transient error?

  • It isn't transient; this has been occurring since I purchased the upgrade a couple of weeks ago.

    I think I've resolved it though... It looks like the cause was unusually limited (?) encryption settings on this machine. I tried again earlier and still received the error with system settings as shown in the first screenshot below. My sys-admin advised applying the "best practice" settings, while keeping the protocol limited to TLS 1.2. The upgrade check and the test button in the proxy settings window now work without error.

    Changed to the following - the connection is now successful:-

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