Sluggishness of UI after a while of F# REPL

I do everything in F# these days and all my prototyping in LP. I've consistently noticed that LP starts to lag and the UI becomes slow after a while of consistently REPLing

I have not been able to pinpoint a possible culprit, but the following is consistent
1. When I check the memory consumption in Task Manager it is very high. But a Shift+F5 does not free any of the mem.
2. When my F# code gets long (est > 150-200 lines), it feels like the compiler & intellisense start to struggle. But this could be a side effect of 1

Restarting LP returns a performant UI but as I continue to REPL things degrade again after a few hours
Running LP7

Anyone else experiencing same ?
Joe is there any diags I can log to possibly help identify the issue ?


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