Does LINQPad 2 Work with Standard WCF Services?

I'm new to LINQPad and based on my research so far, the answer to the question is no. Therefore, I created WCF Data Service Clients for LINQPad using this - http://www.welltechnically.com/?p=369. However, I am getting errors:

CommunicationException message: "Error in deserializing body of reply message for operation 'MyOperation'. InnerException message: There is an error in XML document (1, 389).

The original WCF Service was written in VB, but svcutil.exe created a C# file and the LINQPad.config file was generated. I then compiled the client file with csc.exe. Here is the LINQPad code (VB Statements):

Dim service as CertificationClient = new CertificationClient()


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