Issue with rights on AppData/local

Is there a way to move the dll's in the linqpqd appdata/local folder into another one where the user has rights. I've done a "portable" installation (xcopy), but I am unable to connect to databases.

Specific error is: unable to load DLL 'c:\users..\AppData\Local|Linqpad\6.5.5\l2s\x64\sni.dll' Access Denied


  • LINQPad requires access to the local appdata folder to work properly. The temp directory is also normally located under the local appdata folder, and without access to that, LINQPad will definitely fail.

  • Thanks for getting back to me - this has only seemed to be an issue with V6, and my instance was actually working the other day. I'm thinking a Policy was pushed that somehow disabled this, because it just stopped working.

    There is no way to configure it to look in another folder for these bits?

    Thanks again,


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